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The financial year at a glance

Endress+Hauser has exceeded its own expectations and achieved new records in incoming orders, sales and headcount. See all facts and figures here.

Net sales
3.35 bil.
(+ 16,4 %)
Our sales developed particularly well in both the Americas and Asia, while growth was strong in Europe as well as in Africa and the Middle East. Around one third of these gains stemmed from the devaluation of the euro against the dollar, yuan and other currencies.
Net income
304 mil.
In 2021 our financial investments generated earnings – but after last year’s slump on the financial markets, their contribution to income was negative.
Operating margin
14.1 %
(2021: 15.1%)
240 mil.
(2021: € 193 mil.)
Quotes How did Endress+Hauser perform in the past year?

Extraordinary growth

For Endress+Hauser, 2022 was characterized by strong growth worldwide. A quarter of the sales companies generated a revenue increase of more than 30 percent. Even considering exchange rate effects and price increases, this performance is extraordinary. And more remarkable still is that we expect double-digit growth in 2023 as well, underpinned by a record volume of orders in hand and consistently good volumes of incoming orders. Although we also improved our operating profit in 2022, income came in below the previous year’s figures. Losses from our financial investments, foreign exchange losses and higher currency hedging costs negatively impacted our income statement. Russia’s war on Ukraine is also casting a shadow on our review. Because of the sanctions, we are withdrawing from the Russian market – 170 of our people are losing their jobs.


Our withdrawal from the Russian market notwithstanding, we created a total of 700 new jobs worldwide in 2022.
EcoVadis rating: Platinum status
76/100 points
(2021: 76 points)
Despite stricter requirements, we maintained our score in the EcoVadis sustainability ratings and once again achieved an outstanding 76 points. This places Endress+Hauser in the top percentile of the companies in the comparison group.
R&D ratio
7.2 %
(2021: 7.4%)
We substantially increased expenditure in research and development (+13.6%), but our sales expanded at an even faster pace.
Patent applications
(2021: 258)