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Technology for enhanced sustainability

Technology, especially digitalization, can help conserve resources in the water industry, thus promoting the UN’s global goals for sustainable development. Emily Hoon, global industry manager for water & wastewater, explains how Endress+Hauser supports its customers in this area.

Emily Hoon, global industry manager for water & wastewater at Endress+Hauser

How can a valuable resource like water be used even more efficiently?

Digitalization plays a crucial role in improving efficiency. Many opportunities are already present: monitoring the water quality in real time, smart metering for detecting leaks, creating digital twins, automation and process optimization, to name a few. All of them have been proven to conserve water and energy, and reduce operating expenses. The more companies succeed in connecting their OT and IT platforms, the greater the effect will be, as Maynilad shows.


Which Endress+Hauser digital solutions can help?

Customers who want to optimize their treatment processes must first have a complete overview of all the instruments in their plant. Our Netilion Analytics application helps document the installed base and the data can be used to make recommendations for device standardization, which in turn reduces complexity, streamlines maintenance and minimizes spare parts inventory.

Documentation is also a real operational challenge in the water and wastewater industry. The Netilion Library application enables our customers to quickly find the right information whenever they need it, for example for environmental audits. If information like calibration and verification reports can be stored safely and kept up to date – in a completely automated way that reduces operating expenses – this represents true added value.


To what extent is sustainability a driver for the industry?

Endress+Hauser’s water and wastewater strategy and industry value proposition are oriented toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6. We and our water and wastewater customers ultimately want the same thing: to protect and conserve our water resources, as well as optimize treatment processes to increase efficiency. By combining an innovative portfolio of measuring instruments, expert services and industry expertise, we are confident in helping our customers meet their operating targets throughout the water cycle. This creates a mutually beneficial scenario for achieving success in the future!

If you want to optimize processes, you first need to have a complete overview of all the instruments in your plant.

Emily Hoon

global industry manager for water & wastewater at Endress+Hauser

As global industry manager, Emily Hoon coordinates the worldwide network of water and wastewater experts at Endress+Hauser. The business economist has been working for the Group since 2009. In her private life, climate protection and sustainability are her special concern: among other things, she supports the We Are Water Foundation, a non-profit organization that gives people in disadvantaged regions access to clean water and is committed to the sustainable management of this valuable resource.